20,000 leagues – mr. grey текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[hook: mr. grey] (x2)
i got a bottle of whiskey and too much time on my hands
rock bottom
bottom of the sea yeah
you could say i’m 20,000 leagues

[verse 1: mr. grey]
it’s so cold being alone
cold shoulder turned to stone
trynna keep my composure
how am i supposed to give in the gateway
future for closure
forgotten fallacy
motherf*cking full metal exposure
what the f*ck happened to me?
why does it have to be this way?
why can’t they just stay the same?
watch out boy
don’t play in the pain
get a handle on your heart and your head
forfeit your fate, leave it at the gate
played your part in the disaster*piece
torn apart by a man*made masterpiece
played good for a p*wn but you couldn’t outlast defeat
bathed in the back of a bath of deceit
poisoned a root to the family tree
cover your eyes
an angel can always see
somebody help me
am i too quick to quite
spit in the face of the judge and kick the sh*t down at the bailiff
i can’t give in
i need to strike with precise slices
or cut through live like a slice priceless
my vices leave me lifeless
crises while i write this
white picket fences built for you your highness
just get behind this
it’s plus and minus
i know that you really wanna buy this
what if the price fits?
why should i change my ways?
not everyday just stays the same
angels and demons play these games
gone in the wind of change
breeze in my brain
my brain freezes again
can’t think straight when i’m crooked and caged
can’t relate when we can’t find the same page
repping this rage
die for the stage
i have a seed from a crazy cut
can’t come of age when i can count my days
can’t smile for a fake family portrait
i have no happy family and it’s rather unfortunate
so i absorb sh*t
while my heart rips
torn at the seams
grip slips from my soul, huh
down in a hole
nowhere to go
can’t swim, can’t row, can’t find a boat
sea swells ice cold flow
caught in the undertow dead bodies don’t grow
drown me a crown
sorrow my sound
already doubt
shadows surround
lost souls all around
where i am found, you can find me in the motherf*cking underground
[hook: mr. grey] (x2)
i get a bottle of whiskey and too much time on my hands
rock bottom
bottom of the sea yeah
you could say i’m 20,000 leagues

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