’00 championship – текст песни

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pop a perc i’m in my mode
i been get all these racks, they coming in by the load
i just hit this lil b*tch on my momma she a hoe
i just hit her then i dipped because i’m just sticking to the code
all this ice that i be rocking got me moving like i’m froze
she just want me ’cause i’m ballin’ i put diamonds on her toe
they treat me just like a vet i’m lowkey ain’t even blow
i been puffing on this gas heard that n*ggas want the smoke
but i’m steady repping where i came from
drug dealers, young n*ggas, out here tryna stain some
we just headed to the top while n*ggas steady hating us
hit that b*tch easy, crossover then i lay it up
i just ball in peace, you ball on tweets
i think i’m ud in miami i just keep the heat
i’m steady ducking all these b*tches tryna sleep with me
don’t make me call up all my youngins get you beat for me
they give me sixteen now for a sixteen
i couldn’t even dream about that when i was fifteen
shooters on deck turn a lil n*gga split screen
taking all this sh*t this world be feeling like a lit dream
i just need to stop we all in motion
i’ll hit you when i’m back open
i’m grinding they said i’m chosen
we hit her that’s locomotion
we dropping that’s all commotion
can’t trust you my heart is broken
so high, don’t have emotions
chain gone drip that’s all the oceans
imma take it back to youngins on the block sh*t
we gone run up in his crib, take his sh*t, bro out here the lock smith
i was back in coach i got some racks i’m in the c*ck pit
them weak n*ggas you look up to tell them n*ggas top this, yeah

- mr money текст песни