the worst way to retaliate – my favorite highway текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

the worst way to retaliate

don’t hesitate to break my back
you’re a heart attack, you are everything i lack
if you feel the need to take my pride
cut me down to size, cough up the truth and run and hide

you refuse to let me stay
i was not meant to bend this way
i could you i love you, but it won’t be the same
the way that it ended means there’s no one to blame
you weren’t made to make me sing

wide awake, you keep me up in bed
i got a hundred different things runnin’ through my head
it’s hard to fall asleep when all your dreams are dead
and i know you think about me too
or i’m -ssuming in the back of your mind if you do
subconsciously your hoping i come back to you

i hate to be the one to pick a fight
but you see, i know when i’m wrong and i know when i’m right
it’s a challenge to be strong when you’re so weary and trite
don’t hesitate to say you need some sp-ce
well it seems that you have found somebody else to replace
the melancholly feeling that i have to embrace

- my favorite highway текст песни