jesus christ what happened? – nasty kids текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: eddy, cluiq]
jag måste få min skiirt bra
eddy be high like a bird (skiirt)
gör det nu släpp den, släpp den
cluiq on the beat brorsan
let’s go

[verse 1: eddy]
yeah yeah
eddy be high like a bird (skiir)
i don’t need me no girl
f-ck it up, i did it first
smoke so much now it hurts
like what? who are you?
go to the toilet, do number 2
f-ck up the peperwork what we do
nasty sh-t, yeah what we do (okey)
she wanna hang with a star
f-ck whoever is in charge
leveling up to the cars
look how i play with my cards
broke my watch in the restroom
she wanna go to the dressroom
keep going like this, you will be dead soon
keep smoking like this, i’ll be left soon
still got the pain in my chest
you wanna talk about stress?
we be the best, yeah i guess?
turn it up now i’m blessed (huh)
you know how to act when you know how they play
imma just say, get the f-ck out my face
heaters speak but they aint in my race
you know how it be, no second place
no second place
you know how it be
no second place

[verse 2: izzipm]
wearing 2 belts at the same time
nasty lifestyle and i stay wild
thrifted my sh-t thats my new style
jetlag got me f-cked and changed time
early bird early bird early bird
my forces are f-cked with a dirty shirt
peter parker ima f-cking nerd
you following sh-t like a f-cking herd
a lot of these rappers they flex (mm)
but most of em can’t even dress (mm)
nasty kids f-cked they a mess (ey)
run it up run up a check (ey)
izzipm he go super saiyan
when you go and se him know that he aint playing
drinking henny out no cup (ey)
nasty kids they blowin up

[outro: izzipm]
run it up run up a check
drinking henny out no cup
what yah
run it up run up a check

- nasty kids текст песни