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“got d-mn shame”
(feat. timbaland)

[timbaland ad libs for the first 18 seconds]

[nate dogg (timbaland) {both}]
when i stepped off in the club (when you stepped off in the club)
my system full of bud {n-gg- what?}
they say the big dogg’s in the house (the big dog’s in the how-house)
nate dogg ’bout to turn this part out (c’mon, c’mon)
when i crept up on the scene (when you crept up on the scene)
lookin real fresh and clean, know what i mean? (i know what you mean boy)
girls just cain’t resist (naw, naw, naw)
they wish they had a baller just like this (f’real)

[chorus 2x: nate dogg]
i ain’t slept for two days
that’s right, day befo’ yesterday
i got caught all up in this game
and i never will be the same – it’s a gott d-mn shame

[nate dogg (timbaland)]
while i’m livin this ghetto life, livin this ghetto life (this ghetto life)
while i’m livin this ghetto dream, this ghetto dream (ge-ge-ghetto dream)
i’m lookin fo’ a ghetto wife (huh, ghetto, ghetto wife)
i’m lookin fo’ a ghetto queen, you know what i mean?
now her friend told her i’m the mayne – her friend told her i’m the mayne
she lookin at my platinum chain, it’s a shame – a god d-mn shame
she got her eyes all on the prize, i wonder why (i wonder why)
she wanna soak up some of this game (some of this game)
it’s a god d-mn shame


[nate dogg (timbaland)]
we about to have a ball (have a ball) have a ball
she’s gotta have it y’all (have it y’all) don’t stall
come and get it if you want – come and get if you want
i know you fine but i’m the boss, take it off (take it off girl)
i’m gonna say it one more time (one, mo’, time)
take it off or i can find another dime (another dime)
she’s lookin at my gucci watch (my gucci watch, my gucci watch)
while her friend is lookin at the bulge all in my crotch
it’s a god d-mn shame


[nate dogg (timbaland)]
you know we do it just cause we can – just cause we can
nate dogg and timbaland (timbaland) god d-mn!
smooth like silky slim (yeah, c’mon)
twenty-fo’ inch rims, they still spin – it’s a god d-mn shame
it’s the only way to roll; only way to roll (say what, say what)
strapped up and ’bout to go – way too cold (what’d you say boy?)
n-body does it like we does (naw, nope!)
but it’s gon be what it is, what it was (know what it was)

i don’t care what those other people say (naw, naw)
(i don’t care)
i shall remain a dogg pound gangster the rest of my days
(i don’t care)
and when them silly–ss women get to standin in my face
(naw) they all in my face
i give ’em what they came here for and send ’em on their way
(beat it girl, beat it girl)
it’s a god d-mn shame!
(just leave me alone, and let me be to myself)
(just leave me alone, and let me be to myself)
(c’mon, you know what i’m sayin girl?)
(beat it, nate dogg, timbaland)

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