02 honda civic – nedarb текст песни

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[verse 1]
nedarb nagrom, but i feel like eddy baker (aye)
humpty in this b*tch, ho, i’m ballin’ like the lakers (woah)
preach they f*ckin’ rap lines, b*tch, but i’m not playin’ (skeet)
i don’t give a f*ck what a b*tch ass rapper sayin’
ho’s up on my nuts but i don’t give ’em sh*t for d*ck (aye)
you can get some cash if you twerk it like a b*tch (twerk that f*ckin’ ass)
smoke a f*ckin’ [?] in the motherf*ckin’ mouth
jeffrey told these b*tches, “sell that p*ssy at the waffle house” (sell that p*ssy b*tch)

i just pulled up in a ’02 honda civic (skkrt)
shooter, and a shotgun, and a backseat full of b*tches (doo doo doo doo)
headed to the function, homie rollin’ up that gas (aye)
i don’t really smoke [?] i got the pack

[verse 2]
if you need some drugs, hit my motherf*ckin’ line (beep beep beep)
if you ain’t poppin’ p*ssy, b*tch, stop wastin’ all my time (why?)
i’m at lax, and i’m headin’ to the mid*west (aye)
f*ckin’ all these ho’s, b*tch, and i’m spendin’ big checks (aye, aye, aye, aye*aye)
f*ck you f*ckin need? [?]
imma tax a fool, f*ck his b*tch, and hit the doorway (wow)
i don’t give a sh*t about the scene ’cause i’m boomin’ up (rare)
need to grow a brain, i don’t want no f*ckin’ stupid sl*t (nah)
collage ass b*tch, and you know that ass is fat, aye (oh my god)
yeah, your boy young neddy had to hit it from the back, aye (oh my god)
underground ain’t sh*t, all you ho ass rappers buying, aye (yeah)
talkin’ down on neddy, and your ho is who i’m pipin’, aye (b*tch)
yeah, your ho is who i’m pipin’, b*tch
yeah, yeah
woah, woah*woah
ok, ok, go in there ned
woah, young ned, in the cut, f*ckin’ a b*tch (shout out lil fruit beat, aye)
yes, very rare
ok (skkrt)
baow, baow, baow (b*tch, aye)

- nedarb текст песни