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netan 2k “2 girlz”

what’s up guys do you know who i am?
i’m that one guy known as netan
i’m gonna do my rap #2
this is gonna be something new
i’m gonna talk about 3 girls i know
first of all, they’re not hoes

[verse 1]
let’s talk about tati
oooh don’t you think she’s a hottie
hey, she got the body
makes me wanna “ohh shawty”
you are so amazing
to the point, you got me craving
i don’t care if your clothes are inside out
cuz i would still love you, without a doubt
i love you boo boo
with your eyelashes so blue
ohh ohh that tati
makes me wanna go all pawty
hey, she always love to hug me
because shes as sweet as a honeybee
hey you must be gram gram
because your body is bam bam
[verse 2]
hey! let’s talk about sammy
someone told me i called her a fatty
wait what??!
you know that i’m not like that
look at me, i’m the one that’s fat
you’re hey
you’re beautiful who you are
you’re just like a sparkling star
y*you are
you look alright
because you taste good as my appetite
so sam
told em to say thanks to tati
so it’s not my fault
that i keep saying she’s got a hot body!!!

so one of them is my girlfriend
just kidding, how could i date one?
i’ll see you guys later, i’m in a hurry
i forgot to tell you, you guys make me h*rny

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