1, 2, harry – netyasha roozi- i mean harry! текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...


h*llo simpleflips!
it is i
and i have a song for you!
it goes like this, ahem!

[fake hook]

1, 2, oatmeal
kirby is a pink guy
1, 2, oatmeal
because kirby is very cute

[fake hook end]

just kidding i have a real song for you


1, 2, simpleflips
he’s a really simple man
1, 2, simpleflips
because this is awful, it means you love it
1, 2, simpleflips
bup bup bup bup bup bup bup
1, 2, simpleflips
oh my aching tentacles
[main verse]

simpleflips learned he can fly
he learned that he can blj and die
he also learned he’s a g*y baby guy
what a red dress roxen has
simpleflips know he can’t redeem
he falls asleep in the middle of a stream
does he know he has no self esteem
stuck in g*y baby jail


well is it good? i spent all my time in between donations making this

- netyasha roozi i mean harry текст песни