liber stellae rubeae – nile текст песни

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apep defieth asar
this book of the most secret cult of the ruby star
given to none save the shameless in deed as in word
no man shall understand this writing, too subtle for the sons of man
the ruby star has shed its blood upon me
that which is to be denied shall be denied
that which is to be spat upon shall be spat upon
burnt in outer fire
awakened into life and into death
the kindling of a great fire and a devouring
i shall smite the altar with a scourge and blood shall flow
the veil is called shame
and shall comfort the heart of the secret stone with warm blood
the watchers will drink there of
i, apep the serpent am the infernal heart of iao
isis shall await asar
and i am in their midst
i am apep o thou slain one
thou shalt slay thyself upon my altar
i will have thy blood to drink
and my children shall suck upon the wine of the earth which is blood
which raiseth up the black earth
i fear nothing for i am nothing
but me thou shalt fear
my prophet within whose bowels i rejoice
as i slay thee in my lust
i will overcome thee
new life shall illuminate thee with the light that is beyond the stars
thou shalt scream with the joy and the pain and the love
but there shall be no sound heard but this my lion roar of rapture
yea, this lion roar of rapture

- nile текст песни