1 for the money – nipsey hussle текст песни

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it’s one time
justin credible, what’s up homeboy?
dj sourmilk
power one*oh*six
uhh, uhh
the youngest in charge
yah homeboy neighborhood, la lakers
let’s get it

[verse 1]
look, it go
one for the money
two for the p*ssy and foreign cars
three for them square ass n*ggas, who swore was goin’ far
look at yah boy partnah i’m doin’ big thangs
that money comin’ there’s nothin’ chump about this change
i’m hoppin’ of the plane, in the benz gettin’ brain
tell our promoter, “we ain’t gettin’ out til’ we paid
when i hit the stage, red champagne, blue rags, and gold chains

that’s all y’all gon’ see, popped bottles, you already know
count cash, probably throwin’ money
justin credible, sourmilk
y’all now tuned into the takeover every wednesday night til’ midnight we turn it up like this
real hip*hop, westcoast
look, the takeover, the break’s over you sucka’s
the king of these l.a. streets, nip hussle
i got the right to say that ’cause everythang i drop
on every block, n*ggas play that, hussle
my life style explains that ’cause everythang i spin
is always less than what i make back
d*mn it feels good, i was just on bet
now she see me in the hood, and she like that
so i f*ck her one time, i give her right back (here)
you could wife that

[verse 2]
nights at the studio got my buzz poppin’
now it’s only one question, they say when is cuz droppin’
an i’m like hold on, failure ain’t an option
and you can’t rush perfection, be patient i gotcha
it’s all money in and it ain’t n0body that can stop it
another day another dolla’ and i’m all about the profits
so holla at yah boy uhh

power one*oh*six exclusive
[?] nip hussle
la lakers
dj reflex
justin credible, what’s up homeboy?
dj sourmilk
power one*oh*six, la lakers
all money in, no money out

- nipsey hussle текст песни