1am – no.mask текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

don’t play with us
goodbye that russ
what you want from us
the brains i bust
when it comes to me
man was out like rus
clat and you lost
now that we speaking explain all these thoughts
act like a thot
get me f*cked up now you spin on the block

gang always with me
watch out my stock
going just up take the lead
walking in with me
soon i will be rich of that gwap
either just snap on a beat or
i be just hustling in it
what you know about it

hublot the bazzel my wrist
caught by the eye of your b*tch bling blaow
and i was broke ain’t no sh*t
woke up i planed to get rich dig down
down in my soul i’m the sh*t
more than your gold and all of your gwap
let me change up my rhythm and show you
soon i will make up them o’s from thе shows too
they be talking sh*t on me i know tho
had his b*tch tappin on thе floor yo
with this thing on me they don’t know tho
bring out then you’ll see
how these n*ggas flip to d
she just wanna get the d
i just wanna hit it deep
hit it and sleep
and i will make it make it make it
make it for all em days in trap
baby and you shake it shake it shake it
shake it for me ass wiggling every f*ckin weekend
listening to the weekend
smash it all in the weekend

yea i was breaking up sh*t
had to break up with that b*tch
i don’t even give a sh*t
i just wanna get rich
and spend it on my f*cking family
and i will split it with ma homies
b*tch know i was breaking up sh*t
and i broke up with that b*tch
and i don’t even give a sh*t
swear that i planned to get rich
and i spend it all on my f*cking family and my f*cking homies

and i never snitched
never switch for a b*tch
only gang we the sh*t
stick together ain’t no ditch
till we pop up we be lit
bussin the wrist
i will just blow if we not on the list
can not let go had to flip me some bricks better move it lil bro cause this life is b*tch

i be just sitting down mixing the sprite have a sip of ma drank
thinking we winning dawg reminiscing no ma n*gga we ain’t
see how they flipping dawg thought they real but they really just fake
get the bussi drippin water that lake
get a mansion in em hills no*debate

so i’ma just do it do it do it
when i pop they will act like they knew it
can not drop and my life getting ruined
acting though seen em fall and he blew it
lil b*tch called ma kids and she chew it
ima just do it and do it and do it
i’ma just do it
i’ma just hit
i’ma just grip it baby
i’ma flip it baby
you know wassup with me i just want you right here right now darling
oh my darling
and if you want it you’ll get it as long as i got it my darling
oh my darling yea yea
whipping my grip in the lean
she just want blow on the weed
talking that loud
i just want hit and leave
i just want smash it and leave
she just want clout
and i be blowing my weed
and i be blowing my weed
blowing them clouds
blowing them clouds

- no mask текст песни