0000.hey, where’s perry? – nø.siac. текст песни

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i told you: you get what you give
i told you: you get what you give
they say i’m an assh0l*, when they have been giving me sh*t

i got problem wid weed, so imma just stick to the cigs
heard you don’t f*ck with the kid
so why is you up on my d*ck?
get off of it quick

you should have thought twice before you said that sh*t
little*b*tch*n*ggah, suck my d*ck
who’s this kid?
hol’ up, who’s this kid?
i grap the clip, extend the clip and rain on kids

a passivist, with too much sh*t, can barely think
wait for things to kick off and k!ll you quick
these violent thoughts, they don’t even come from me
you see the key, and don’t think to set me free

its not in the way that i think
been brought up to murder and k!ll
he live in the suburbs, so clearly my songs aren’t as real

but heres some advice, stop being a b*tch stop fighting with colours

i think the same way that you do, but i choose to move, alone, don’t f*ck with the otheres

nø.siac, you don’t act the way you should
shii, i only glow at night when these rappers getting suge
girls wanna hit, so n*ggas don’t like me
searching for the truth, i guess i’m coming out of hiding

sixteen doing 16s, same time
i’m in my head, they twenty something by my waistline
getting wavy on a like a bassline
n*ggas see defeat erryday, its like facetime

no f*cks, ain’t ever had non
surely got no time for a n*gga throwing tantrums
new wave anthem, b*tches say handsome
prolly on shuffle but a n*gga not random

too fast way fast can’t catch me
pockets looking thin like some long distance athletes….and thats where i f*cked up

thanks for listening 🙂

- no siac текст песни