2:27am – north point текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1: dylan]
i come to you vacuously true
stuck in between infinity
and nothingness
but it’s nothing new
still skate vans and
wear d*ckies that don’t fit
and still cling on to a past
that prolly didn’t exist
still living as if it’s twenty eleven
too scared to deviate away
from the established cannon
act as if we ever popped
caught grip, landed bolts
we was bunny hoppin’ kickers
stickin’ bicycle cards through the spokes
bro, most of my life’s
been spent on my back
less can go awry
if despondent and detached
try and find a reply sent
not beginning with my bad
ingenuous nod and smile
if we happеn to cross paths
toss back another
lost track of my brother
haven’t yеt met his son
bet he’s one of the
hardest of motherf*ckers
guess i never learn
’cause i already know
all roads may lead to rome
i’m just tryna find home
[verse 2: jay]
what if i told you something bad was ’bout to happen
and i know just exactly what would happen
with no reaction from who supposed to react
this sh*t not posted on a status
you supposed to get the bag
now all these b*tches come with baggage
n*ggas posted for the static
all my heart not on the fabric
he a force
that’s with or without the force of habit
you see people i see patterns
temp emotional attachments
like why the f*ck is i laughing?
it’s too much sh*t inside ’em
to have a nervous reaction
really like really
i got outta pocket while pushing that envelope
but really doe
peeps was purpin’
i was tryna match that smoke
not so much ’bout action as i am reactin’
mad like hatter, way less passive
thanks for makin ’em makin em praise jah
ja ja ja
thanks for makin ’em makin em praise jah
ja ja ja
ja ja ja

- north point текст песни