03- s.k.n.a (prod.keelay) – notoriousflowsa текст песни

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hook* notoriousflowsa

like .n.a

girl i miss you to this day

wish somehow i made you stay i couldn’t stoo you at the gate

cause somehow baby i dropped the ball

too good for me i shoulda known

for your love i gave you my all

i was down you threw me a bone

dog sh*t yeah thats why you my b*tch

always love you you my everything

verse* notoriousflowsa

oh me oh my
said she wan love me and gimme her life

thats not a pause i nearly fainted can’t trust no more

can’t go back to me before

flow notorious was born

cause ngibhizi ngudlekasi ngizam ukphendli indlela sbari

for my homies that behind me and my family rooting for me

f*ck this fake it till you make it i made it till make it

when im popping on them airwave like the radio and the tele

on a godd*mn daily basis

how we’ll figure out we made it

till then

no dropping the ball

to my ex tings like all in all
thank you all for the memories

i forever keep your energy

turned me to a better me

guess the synergy wasn’t meant to be

with a lot of you didn’t do good but i tried too

truth is if i lied to you

i was only trynna keep you

music got me on lock now

if i hold ill be ohkay


like n.a girl i miss to this stay

wish somehow i made you stay

but i guess i was too late i couldn’t stop you by the gate
wish you life would slowly curve and bring you back to where be

girl you made me feel like maybe im not useles as i think

told me you’d support my music help me focus on my dream

- notoriousflowsa текст песни