megamind – nsg legend feat. drip2much & frankstop текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, hey, woah let’s get it

ayy, rappers i eliminate, i deserve equal compensation

i don’t wanna talk with lames, i don’t want no conversations
haters act so cowardly, shake them with no confrontation
and you already know i got the water condensation
and this shirt is silk yuh, ain’t no cotton no plantation
oh, and you remember me? well that train has left the station
cause you know i’ll be a g.o.a.t you can peep all my creations
and you know i got the sauce i linked with drip for confirmation
and i’m tired of all of this waiting
sike, we don’t do no talking pull up leave him blue like megamind
i can take your girl, might take your girl because she looking fine
i step on the scene she come with me she say she like my rhymes

yeah, got the water call it a tsunami talking down on me turn your brain into salami
don’t be mad cause i got your girl she call me papi
get 100 thousand then i spend it all on an audi
from what i spit you could call me a dragon
your hand always out man why you always asking
get the money like its magic call me alladin
talking all that sh*t but always running from the action
get the money then i stack it, run up on me turn you into past tense
still talking sh*t, uh oh i’m so flabbergasted
yeah we pull up wit them choppas turn your body into fragments
remember i was broke and they was just sitting over there laughing
and now i’m up and they be the main ones that just be askin
ec kid you know imma go r*t*rded
imma get this money and there’s no one that can stop it
we kicking down on your door and it’s gone be blood on the carpet

n*ggas snitching on the gang guess he not gang for real
get the drop up on a op and then i let it bang for real
pull up with the gang and then we slang but i don’t bang for real
i don’t tote no things but my fist will hit you like some steel
going for the k!ll, my n*ggas drill, my n*ggas in the field
shout*out lil khalil, you talking sh*t bust them sticks it ain’t no chill
yeah we on your head, might just have to call the meds
he a op he call the feds, take his top and now he dead
yeah i know i’m not a rapper, yeah that sh*t is just a hobby
talking sh*t i up the glocky, told the b*tch to go ahead top me
if you with it, told my n*ggas to go get it ayy
ak*47 at your top, at your fitted ayy
sh*tting on these goofy hoes, give me top and then you go
just thought i should let you know, your b*tch is a goofy hoe

- nsg legend feat drip2much frankstop текст песни