03:35 – nthn (uk) текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

a january night
reflections are fading as i see the beginning of the sunrise
eyes burn from the screen glare
again, this house is silent but i don’t mind
‘cause even though my mind is racing
it’s on my own terms
this time

i take a pause form my thoughts
embrace the environment in which i find myself
outside i hear a chorus
i’m reminded of a track that i made when it was only instrumentals
coincidentally i’m feeling more awake from these sounds of a new day
i turn off the lights
my range of vision is improving as i watch the sky moving
i’ve reached the other side of the night

and i was to busy to notice
too occupied to focus on the darkness until the sun rose
taking direction
attention returns to the room
it’s time for the curtains to close
my head lowers in a way that was once was defeat
but this time, behind the action there’s a pride
i now face the crowd with confidence
and with my eyes closed
i smile

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