1 2 3 – od1ous текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i dnt talk
wen yr not here
i dream about u
wish u wre here
singing w/ me
but u hate me
& i miss me
the old old mee

take it bck
like 1 2 3
step by step
we cn restart tht
n b so free
n so happy
wish i wasn’t me
dead in my white tee!

ik,, u cnt take it anymore
left me
told me move on
bet u regret that

i dunno whts w/ with us
we’re so fcked up
theres no fixing
im so sry tht its like thtt
but we cannot change that..,
chang tht stp it,, i dnt wnna combak lostt itt,,
tell me tht im duhm i gt it,, cuz u bn trynn say im nthn
sore eyelidss,, lost islandss,, bruisee my hedd,, stukk on my bedddxx *.*

- od1ous текст песни