30 on me – odawg текст песни

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30 on me


got 30 on me like i play for the warriors

opps keep bluffing i told em i got sum for ya

riding throw they block where y’all at we looking for ya

got some fat sh*t with me that’s gonna destroya

dropping 30 back da back got me feeling like ah warrior

don’t step in this field this sh*t ain’t for ya

opp n*gga took my b*tch told his ass enjoy her

i already f*ck that b*tch ion got nun for her

he thinking tuff cause he f*ck that i already f*ck that b*tch n*gga you late

he say he want smoke i told him come slide aye bro get them sticks an pass me the drac

shooting 30 at the opps them n*ggas was running and falling hadda give them n*ggas 38

they started ah war they wanted to beef i’m brining my men we 10 deep we straight

back door ah n*gga we the taking the drugs an k!lling the snake

run down ona plug he was trying hop the gate

sending them shots that n*gga caught eight

i couldn’t wait to catch him all i need it was bait

he beefing with da plaza he made ah mistake

i got n*ggas that’s really stepping

ya n*ggas too fake

we getting this money we don’t take no breaks

verse : we bagging the plug we going take what he got

he flashing his money but don’t gotta alot

he posting his guns he tipping he hot

he tryna be something that he already not

n*ggas like him forever going cap

i’m f*ckin his b*tch i f*ck her ina trap

she wanna know where i live

told her i can’t let you know that spot

she said we together told her ass we not ah

opp n*ggas talking but they never on sh*t

i be out by my self but i tote my stick

lil bruh with me tryna catch him ah vic

n*ggas f*ckin with the opps so i guess they ina mix

if it’s up there then it’s stuck there the sh*t can’t be fix

b*tch ima shooter ima give his ass six

shooting like dennies like i play for the knicks

,bullets hit his mouth b*tch we knocking off his lips

bruh pass me the stick so i up n shoot brodie on my right so he up an shoot

da block on mute so we skirt off ina u

b*tch i’ma gangster already knew

- odawg текст песни