1900 – ogbbe текст песни

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verse 1 (bbe)

87 rounds in the drum i react different…my upbringing is different
i was raised by players, dope boys and k!llers street n*ggas so you know how im livin
ima hunnid outchea real n*gga ill put one in yah
crime figure it dont get no realer bad influence on the youth all that ima project n*gga do yah dirty i dont f*ck off n*gga
i done seen so much blood in these streets i ain’t got no feelings so off top ima handle my business
my biggest fear is being played by ah snake or ah b*tch ass n*gga either way ima flip me ah n*gga
i ain’t dying f*ck all that crying ima pounce off with it every time nothin less ima spit it
give me ah brick im goin open heart surgery all 50s & 20s on everything n*gga i am villian the definition

verse 2 (bbe)

i keep it real so they keep it real back a real n*gga show love so they show love back nothin less
ain’t no m*th*f*ckin s on my chest ima g n*gga
so when it come down to the come down ima come see yah
its the principle when we bump heads and ???
front line to make sure that you stop breathin
rich real n*gga real n*ggas run the streets n*gga so dont ever try and downplay ah real n*gga
brooms and them sticks on deck a hunnid deep n*gga
from overtown to the grove…gg n*gga
all the way to the bs 13th n*gga and 6’2 free my n*gga gp n*gga

verse 3 (td rawblock)

roadblock big homie authentic to the bone you n*ggas knockoff
straight drop cooked crack and the fentanyl
glock 40 music steadies creepin how dem gs roll
you sneeze wrong dem youngins they atcha g*code
a clothes hanger and a thousand beaker a few pictures in the mouth like what the f*ck is ah drought
ill be d*mned if i dont stand 10toes you know im slidin wit it ima up this pole and get busy
in the splizzy and we playin for keeps 4 5 6 ceelo think the bank is sweet?!
4 5 6 n*ggas steady spinnin wit heat mac*90 with the o stop n*gga make your boat rock
scope you from a 100 blocks yeah this sh*t get deeper and we movin real precise with all black like reapers
steady smokin this reefer tip toein with your hoe yea the b*tch want ah feature monster d*ck in her jaw yea lil mama ah keeper

- ogbbe текст песни