1950 – olumide текст песни

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[produced by scrilla tmu]

[chorus: olumide]
we in the back like its 1950
screaming f*ck the law come and get me
she want that check like my name was nike
i told her baby nah my name is mikey

[verse 1: olumide]
y’all don’t excite me this music we do this nightly
y’all making records for b*tches i’m trynna find a way
i’m pressing cds like n*ggas i need my sh*t today
i’m rolling up refer come catch me sipping on that alize
this that thing get ready i’m on recline
i’m chillin this blow my mind
just a matter time
bad rapping that’s on decline you n*ggas no friend of mine
you gon’ watch just how i shine
make it look likе its a crime
hoodied up
q got it tucked
grxzz don’t givе f*ck
i love a sl*t
she love me back
what i mean to her can’t feel no nothing
at any time might get rid of her
don’t do no stunting
i live my life
why you bitter bruh
oh i know
it’s ‘cuz i got this fire ass flow
that’s ‘gon get me that dough
make your lady want more
you heated
come catch me chilling out that neighborhood ritas
complain that’s all some ever do hustle that’s what i rather do
what’s on my checklist
(cashing checks for breakfast aye)
can’t live too reckless
(man this sh*t get hectic aye)
i’m dodging feds
kicking hoes up out my bed
these n*ggas get filled with led
based off something that they said
[chorus: olumide]
we got it jumping like its ’99
like when hip*hop was in its prime
i got my d.c. n*gga on the line
you know them d.c. n*ggas waste no time

[verse 2: dell fargo]
we take it back like civil rights
we in the hood like racist knights
we in the back just like the bottles in the club we pop on sight
n*ggas talking sh*t but they don’t wanna fight
they don’t want no problems
when it come to beef they poltergeist
n*ggas better watch who they stepping to
they don’t know what this tech will do
talking lyrical massacres eating beats like some vegetables
bout to roll up some broccoli prolly crush me a edible
steak and cheese with the mumbo sauce
it’s the glitch moe i’m telling you
swear to god moe
these rappers f*cking food
i’m that f*cking dude
really making moves watching other n*ggas lose
swear my pen been sick since i was runny nosed with the little shoes
what the f*ck it do
fargo my savings just accrues
i never listen to n*ggas
that be steady switching they sides and opinions with sh*t
i’m bout to come full equipped with the choppers
that’s full of these quotable lyrics and sh*t
n*ggas be pressing and testing we tell ’em sayless
then we body them n*ggas on wax
shoutout to olu i swear that the n*gga 100
it’s coming from me so it’s facts
n*gga you best watch your back from d.c. to p.g
we linked up it’s bout to get sick
i’m never trusting these n*ggas
that’s purping for clout
but they lived with the well off and rich
putting you n*ggas to sleep with a hook from joe frazier
possessed with the speed of ali
olumide swear i f*ck with you homie
illuminate truth
bout the whole d.m.v
[chorus: olumide]
we in the back like its 1950
screaming f*ck the law come and get me
she want that check like my name was nike
i told her baby nah my name is mikey

- olumide текст песни