2am n vegas – omn rell текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

what’s size you wear n*gga it ain’t in yo toe
big bs on i’m walking around in boats
and i’m from the east so yk i pop my 4s
40 make ah n*gga scream like he tryna hit ah note
and if you talking down on the gang you finna float
i ah have my brodie pull up nd send some shots right to yo throat
yea dat p*ssy thought he was safe till we knocking at his doe
walk in up pole and watch them bodies hit da floo
yea you already know dat we had to up the sco
i been too faded lately facing woods str8 to da dome
and i’m in the stu cooking up so please don’t call my phone
never lacking like ah f*cking android i got dat chrome

pull up get to shooting sh*t nd im not talking 2k
so many shots i made ah movie it look blu*ray
i went and droppеd ah bag up at saks it was ah tuesday
i still be posted in that trap im gеtting new pape
have ah n*gga seeing stars not talking bout no wraith
have him dancing with the stars i sent him out of sp*ce
n*gga say he want some smoke well he can die today
i ain’t talking youngboy but he can’t come outside today
yea all my n*ggas punching like mma
we was outside on the block that was everyday
and i ain’t talking bout graffiti but we finna spray
and i ah ice ah n*gga out like i’m jonny dang
me and jay closer than mike and ike
i got my b*tch punching like miken tyse
and i ah put the 45 down cause like ta fight
no wwe but you can get smackdown onna friday night
took to btc from you she road me like a bike
balincies on watch where i stepping im so fiy tonight
that p*ssy n*gga talking crazy he gone die tonight

- omn rell текст песни