3 stages of hell – onative текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

“do you speak russian bro, do you speak russian?”
clan clan clan
listen to the way i come in, listen to the way i come in
i say, i say woah

wimp wimp
wimp wimp
wimp wimp
wimp wimp

(verse 1: onative)
clan told to f*ck them, so i buried all this sh*t
b*tch i’m hotter than wasabi, like a panther in this b*tch
and they want me down like mummies
i’m stranded in this b*tch
when they see me, they all love me, backhanded in this b*tch
i am the vandal in this b*tch
i make a scandal in your crib
why don’t you handle your biz
and get the f*ck off d*ck
give me ecstasy and blunts
lsd and rum
meth with lean, and hun
i’ll still rip this sh*t in chunks
i got everything she needed she can get it when i want it
cause i walk it like i talk it, y’all are flopping with no warning
wakey wakey wakey wakey
labels trynna f*cking
slave me
f*ck a contract, a payment
yall really acting shady
your “pay me” stands for “rape me”

wimp wimp
wimp wimp
wimp wimp
wimp wimp

(verse 2: sizer)
privet; nice to meet you
kak dela? let it shoot
i ain’t running to the money
i’m just walking in the booth
you ain’t been around no shottas
you rap cap
no truth
1 on 1
i guarantee you lose

if something ain’t right when i’m off the white then you can be sure we gon fight
and these boys ain’t ever been tough
hah way too light
all that chat about don’t get me mad
hah maybe i might
s and o shooting stars
way too bright

(outro: onative) x4
i go rims with the clan
you’re but you know you’re a fan
sipping your tears from a can
i’m shooting for m’s not grands

- onative текст песни