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подождите пожалуйста...

man, i gotta get outta here, man
i can’t play xbox, man! tzzz

[verse 1: wordsworth]
tired of my spouse’s mouth
she tired of me on the house’s couch
wake up, grab the car keys, bouncin’ out
kiss and make-up, i wouldn’t give her mouth-to-mouth
for every gallon of my talent, she’s announcin’ doubt
friends tell her to leave, textin’ “how’s the south!?”
i was anxious to marry her, now i’m thinkin’ hysteria
smokin’ dank with a drank in a shank, thinkin’ it’s lyria
the she thinks i’m inferior to her ex with a lincoln
they got the minquez interior, thoughts i’m thinkin’ to share with her
pause – drunk sittin’, blinkin’ hysteria, drippin’ with demon scheming on hitting bank of americahttps://g*
call the chief of police, and his highest ranking superior
tell em blanket the area with a tank and a barrier
i’m about to do somethin’ stupid, this ain’t a prank
tell my girl that i don’t think i’ma hear from her

[hook: b-real] [2x]
stoopid is as stoopid does
who it is or who it was
don’t matter much if you the judge
cause stoopid is as stoopid does

i go stoopid, so stoopid
so stoopid stoopid stoopid
i’m gon’ stoopid, so stoopid
i’ma lose it, lose it, lose it
(i’ma lose control)

[verse 2: stricklin]
(urgh, up all night again. i get no sleep
this job is crazy! man!)
listen, don’t get me wrong. love bein’ a paramedic
but i’m about to snap soon! okay, there i said it!
cause ma’am, it’s three in the mornin’, you should be countin’ sheep
wrapped up in a warm blanket and sound asleep
all you got is a hangnail and you’re having cramps
it’s not reason to take a ride in my ambulance
and by the way: won’t you clean your house?
cause before when i set my bag on the floor, i seen a mouse
guess the hospital’s the place to be (yup)
you get fed, a bed, a nurse with a cute face to see
and everyone’s a hypochondriac (word)
cryin’ wolf from every apartment, house club or laundromat
let me guess, you got chest pain and breathin’ trouble
and it’s been happenin’ for five days and you seeing double
i’m about to do somethin’ stupid
i need a break from the b.s. and the stress ‘fore i lose it

[hook x2]

[verse 3: masta ace]
(look, i’m tired of these fans sendin me all these links, man, i don’t even like these rappers!)
i promise that i’m honestly not as mad as i sound
but whoever you feelin’ is not the baddest around
i know that you’re a fan and you wanna hand him the crown
but i’m here to offer that dead man as a clown
so please don’t be friends wit’ me
sendin’ links to the songs
cause that dude is the enemy, why you think he belongs?
yeah i know its followers’ dwarf mind in comparison
but this shit is wrong and this new song is embarrasin’
you should get fined for this, like james harrison
this shit is fire, i’m 20 gallons of kerosene
i don’t even know why you wanna encourage him
when you know d-mn well that i’ma try to embarr-ss him
so keep tweetin’ me ten optional versions
i’m lose patience like incompetent surgeons
i’m about to do something stupid, so call the cops
before somebody get shot for this music

[hook] [2x]

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