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“i talked to them about the necessity of having some creativity of your own involved in your life, and how that can provide you an escape from the death sentence of your normal role in society that’s mapped out for you. and i told them that sort of what i’ve tried to do with my life is basically… you know, my life for me began one day in high school when i thought, i don’t care what anybody thinks of me or how much money i have or anything, i just wanna get out of here. you know, i’m not going to wear a tight collar all my life unless i’m in the mood… sort of thing. and i just sort of talked about the obstacles that can get in the way of letting a person who just wants to live their own life, such as financial insecurity, cultural isolation, especially in the suburbs, you know, people just get out of their cushy little boxes in the suburbs and kinda die.”

“i just feel out of the grid, the grid of the world. you know, the imposed structure that’s the giant voice that tells you ‘good morning! it’s 6:30 am! time to get up and listen to the cr-p-all-over-it show with whoever the f-ck he is, telling me more bullshit!’ i like to get out. but no, i do a little… you know, i just try to keep loose; go to bed at night, eat right, mess around, little tai-chi maybe a few minutes, go for a swim…”

“one last question: are you an optimist, would you say?” “neither optimist or pessimist, just kinda neutral as far as all that sort of thing goes. i don’t think much about that. it’s gonna go well or badly, if i think i wanna do it i’ll just do it.”

- ​nothingnowhere текст песни