1001 arabian nights – paul revere and the raiders текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

once upon a dangerous night
i went looking for her light
passed the palace guards i crept
all awhile the young girl slept

midnight rang upon the bells
telling me that all was well
through the halls i glide in shadows
to the girl that n0body knows

in her chamber i am there
moonlight fingers touched her hair
if i were bold as the moonlight
i could taste her lips on this night

my eyes hungered for her face
so her veil i slowly raised
though my tongue were cut from me
i would not tell what i did see

as i closer bent to see
her eyes opened into me
for eternity we fell
in a whirling magic spell

as i turned to fly away
her lips opened, bid me stay
but i fled into the shadows
from the girl that n0body knows

- paul revere and the raiders текст песни