speak english – persia grai текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(hook – cash kidd)
if you ain’t in my circle, then you can’t eat with us
if a n-gg- try and beef with us, then he gon meet jesus;
if she really think i’m bout to cuff her, tell that b-tch to keep dreaming;
tryna talk with my d-ck in her mouth, b-tch can you please speak english
heard them n-gg-s talking crazy n-gg- speak english
riding with a foreign b-tch she don’t speak english
put the chopper to his mouth he don’t speak english
if you ain’t talkin bout money i don’t speak english no

(verse 1 – aj mccormick)

(verse 2 – persia grai)
hola, que pasa mi amiga
i be pressed to get the bread & cheese flat no quesadilla
you should calate la boca when i nut like b-tch it’s ova
when she say she need a pad i clamp the breaks i’m a rotor
i don’t take sh-t n-gg-s ain’t sh-t i’ll take a b-tch & have my way with
her and like a goody good, among other words, he won’t say sh-t
im boosting like ima wife you up if i hit it first ray j sh-t
i see hoes as my girl friend with a common cold that b-tch bae sick
f-ck do you mean i ain’t cuffing a skeeze it ain’t nothin obscene
treating a chick like soviet leader that’s stuck in the fall i be russian to leave
like it ain’t nothing to me, lovin to me is so up in the air
but she tryna be in the web that i weave so it’s only right that i bust in her hair
f-ck her like a dog but i don’t dog her though
smart enough to never touch a girl that you could call a hoe
say n-body’s picked her up and f-cked her on the wall before
she say i got them canon b-lls i’m jumping in giranamo

- persia grai текст песни