0 to 100 – pfv текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
let me introduce myself and spark discussion
pfv, they call me matt
i like the beat of this percussion
plus i’m beating kinda something
no i don’t need me no reduction
when i turn up beating heads
like i’m handing out concussions
running, running ’round my head
feeling like i’m kinda buzzing
y’all don’t want it like i want it
and my goal is only coming
imma mow ya, hear ya huffing
hope you die for your next breath
my back pedal is your next step

[verse 2]
vision visionary very true i’m seeing clear
miss me with that confrontation
lest you wanna disappear
see ’em hating from afar
cannot wait until they’re near
taking names like its a canvas
taking heads for souvenirs
don’t break bread with these pretenders
not a man alive i fear
if you hating from that bottle
man, that bullsh-t i can hear
no my name is not that common
so just cut it like some chefs
can i see when you appear
but i see you from up here
[verse 3]
where i leave you, left for dead
if in my lane you try to steer
not a need to get defensive
not as mad as i appear
i’m in range, i need a target
glad to see you volunteer
got my chains up in my hands
in this game i commandeer
i’m true to my religion all up in my genes
my religion don’t exist and my god is me
you can hat forever but i bet you that you’ll never be
the centre of attention for a second more han second be
0 to 100 i mean real quick

- pfv текст песни