102(interlude) – pg clorox текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

b*tch! this just my interlude y’know?

102, what’s that mean?

out here chasing all my dreams

looking through my past

think i’m from the future

chopped up my words think it was a suture

i am a psycho, i found my path

reaching for the rope need air i gasp

drowning in problems ain’t really that bad

don’t n0body care till you sound like you sound sad
really stay mad, don’t see the cycle

big ass choppa have em dancing like michael

i just hit a l!ck need insurance no geico flow is too hard it is not hype tho keyboard gangsta watch how you type ho

just put a l!ck in your b*tch that’s typo
they do not like me and it’s ok

one of these days it’s money my way

102 what’s that mean?

i gotta get it and you know that’s on me

got my own planet but no i’m not sheen asked where i been?

said b*tch in your dreams

purple in my body, no it ain’t lean

if you don’t get it then f*ck who you be

i’m a king koopa

gas out the sh*ll

bars so fye thought you was in h*ll

big blunts like cuban, i’m not fidel

tell that lil tick suck on me too well
feel like phineas smokin on herb

stayin in school gettin brain i’m a nerd

yo what it is up

i say what the f*ck

big clorox giving you good luck

choppa went quack

n*gga you ducked

30 round mag gotta stay my clutch


- pg clorox текст песни