want it, need it – plies текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(feat. ashanti)

i neva knew you felt like dat baby, pleasures all mine

[chorus: ashanti]
oh boy i think of you on two occasions that’s wen i want it (that’s wen i want it)
that’s wen i need it (that’s wen i need it) you kno i think of youuu on 2 occasions
that’s wen i want it (that’s wen i want it) that’s wen i need it (that’s wen i need it)

[verse 1:]
i think it so cute how you use me wen you want s-x i’m who you come n see i’m tha one you
call wen ya body on e you need a refill i who you c-m see they give you 87 i give you 93
premium top of the line straight deep say it again in my ear (plies you a beast) how
could one dis gutta be so sweet wateva you need it’s my treat all i want frum you
is to let me go deep i’m on call fo you seven days a week s-x on delievery s.o.d

[chorus: ashanti]

[verse 2:]
wen she think bout me she get so wet weneva she want she send me a text do
i want it tonite baby yes between her legs she so blessed she the best thing in
the bed dat i met you need a good jug be my guest wateva you want i’m at yo request
til i get to ya i can’t rest all i can think about is feelin yo sweat playin in your hair
feelin your flesh watchin you as you get undressed i’m yo goon you my goonette

[chorus: ashanti]

[verse 3:]
i’m sleepin i feel yo hand inside my boxers baby it’s 5 in tha mornin you rubbin on
oscar know if you wake him up it’s gon be problems i know you playin with wat ya
want so i ain’t gon stop ya jus let me open my eyes so i can watch it you want a
dose of ya medicine you wanna see tha doctor gon’ take em off so i can gon’
lock ya i call you momma you call me poppa tonite i wanna make you tonite my baby
mama scent like water me no aroma come a lil closer so i can put it on ya
you my property i’m yo owner

[chorus: ashanti]

- plies текст песни