2021 vision – prkhr текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

maturity is seeking me so majority is leaving me
life’s a therapy, let me fight off the inner me
both of my hands got middle fingers for the enemies
hustle is a beautiful word when you work like you know you finna be
tourin the world but the dream’s far from the finale
even if i cover the path like a snail, imma still be goin
knowing there’s no way way a snake gonna ruin my day
i got a shield on my back, superman punch on ya face
demons on my brain, possessed by the music
every night brings pain and i end up writing some new sh*t
i’ve been on the stage whenever i am lucid
dreaming this phase basically screaming for improvement

cause f*ck dreamin imma live that sh*t
i’ll be gettin double vv at the same time while you suckin on the same old d*ck
shut the f*ck up, pr*ck if you can’t understand a word i spit
i am so high it would take years for you to gimme a high five, please
get off my d*ck, i don’t wanna murder on a sad type beat
its 2 in the morning and i just had caffeine
stuck in a room but still progressing
i sneeze on the mic so what you hear issa blessing
my path is straight, s*xuality too
i could go from exotic to bdsm in a few in
seconds, rape your ears while my d*ck’s stuck in these alphabets
no wait, elf i said
levitating, i am building my home in the clouds
i’m the quiet kid who shoots to k!ll, ar with 30 rounds
blood l*st, its like jill cooper
turin these pages back to the past from the future
disposing these motherf*ckers like i’m a part of the looper
f*ck last year, this time i’m hustling like the moon
keepin my planet stable cause i’m a part of it too
i am goin all in, literally gambling with my life
guess i’m addicted, f*ck a rehab, i could just spit on the mic
this is my therapy and prolly the reason why i am ill
cause i can write about cuddling and turn it to a crime where the couple got k!lled
my pen’s a romantic weapon, i shoot to k!ll or speak
stocking my ammo b*tch so when i spit its a k!ller speech

- prkhr текст песни