1992 – prod. kika текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

flame, why you do this all the time
ay, ay, ay
bussdown with sauce, on my left wrist
bussdown with sauce, on my left wrist
got your b*tch she in texas
buss down with sauce, on my left wrist
buss down with sauce, on my left wrist
f*ck your b*tch she in texas

i got your f*cking b*tch, she be swallowing kids, you know that sh*t hit
i got my clip, and it’s fully loaded
she be sucking, i think she likes that sh*t
break a ball over my jeans, cumming so fast i might lean
someone says i do codeine, f*cking on your b*tch, ah, thats a dream
why, lil purp? i got so much money, i think i have herpes
why, lil uzi? i got the sauce, i like bad and boujee
yeah, i just said i liked bad and boujee, i can’t lie, i got an uzi
yeah, my twitter, yeah
that was for berlezzy, f*cking my sh*t up, easy
f*ck that sh*t, lack is easy, my n*gga wake up, you see me?
this b*tch tried to beat me, sucking on this d*ck you know she finna get this you feel me?
she gon get this you feel me? i just got a rollie, so much paper you can not see me
looking too much, thought that sh*t was f*cking 3d
sucking on the toosie, l!cky
she everyone from the tour and um..
she be on the pole, so that ass goes down
shakes it so much, she can do the pole now
i got all this money, finna throw it slow now
was that stole? nah, now my wrist froze now
got your hoe now, now she got a hole now
she cold now
i got different flows now
i got so many flows uh yeah
i got so many hoes uh yeah
i got your hoe uh yeah
now she bro uh yeah
getting cheese bro
oh yeah
she got a flow
she got a flow, she a hoe
she got a flow, she got a flow
she got a flow, she a hoe
she got a flow, now she a hoe uh yeah
she on my d*ck let her go uh yeah
uh yeah, let her go, let her go
let her f*ck, let her go
i hate flames, haha
cause she cumming out her nose

- prod kika текст песни