’01 more kiss – qnp swish текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

verse 1:
they had that will smith jada love
the kiss, leave, come back, ok later love
she said she going out of town where the raiders run
he said “okay go call me when you make it love,”
airport dropped her off at like two
he got the call by his love it barely turned noon
no kids in the house just a empty lone room
lonely in the crib hope she back soon
the devil like to creep from the floor underneath
don’t show him that you’re weak boy get your knees
and pray up to the sky boy pray up to the sky
how is the lord false when the enemy is growling?
she on her own thing her and her girls zoning
forget about him staying up till the morning
and man he loyal roots down to the soil
keeping it a metal but she treat the man like foil
you know the do’s and the don’ts
but she do the don’t gets up in the morning
and she yawning the hang got her slowing
from the drank random guy gave her poison
i got secrets gotta tell you
but the secrets that i got might just break you
what you mean you ain’t know you was laid up?
you mean he really raped you?
verse 2:
mad man that’s dangerous
he got the gun loaded mind tangled up
she still out of town but he told her don’t bounce
another day later hops up in the greyhound
and he wished that he could hop inside the plane
to make it in to her in the same day
but now he gotta wait boy just be patient
he had to call her and ask her what’s his name sis?
and of course she ain’t remember
but she remember he was white and had a temper
freckles red head 6’1″ and bed head
gun loaded he don’t care he want that man’s head
and she staying with her mom
he knows where she lives but he coming by surprise
and he ain’t tell her cause he ain’t want her to worry
she thinking that he still back home no hurry
door locked so the homie went thru the back
window cracked but he can’t believe what he just saw
red hair 6’1″ making love
if you was him homie tell me what you would’ve done !
tired brain maybe got him seeing thangs
to be sure he gripped the glock that he brung
he busted thru the door she in a thong
6’1″ red head pop! got em both!

- qnp swish текст песни