0-2-100 – r.i.e текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i’ma do this shit
you know who it is
r.i.e, b-tch

0 to 100 baby, just like a bugatti do
i ain’t here to rendezvous
i ain’t got no f-cking crew
i’m just chillin’ with yo b-tch
what a motherf-cking view
i ain’t here to f-ck with you
i’m just getting money dude
hunnids, thousands, millions
huge -ss f-ckin’ buildings
everybody’s weak, so i just had to fill in
i think i’m a fire man with all this f-cking drilling
and i ain’t gona stop until i reach a f-ckin’ billion
i’m like k!ll it, k!ll it, k!ll it
my label non-existant
therfore i’m independant
now let me give you the business
0 to 100, b-tches real quick
real quick
real f-ckin’ quick

i got em like d-mn it
this guy is a savage
he’s doing the damage
he’s gone on a rampage
the b-tches are backstage
this ain’t the crack age
they all addicted
do not get comfortable, you’ll get evicted
you’ll get restricted
you said you were gangster now don’t you contradict it
this rap shit was broken and i just f-ckin’ fixed it
i came here to k!ll shit
i stick to the real shit
like i popped ten ibuprofens, b-tch
i do not feel shit
i bet those banana clips will make you peal b-tch
that was zero to a hunnid, like real quick

real f-ckin’ quick


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