19 de agosto – r v r d текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

mnl to the v, double l and
mia for so long, pen in my hand
kid aside, i preside, i’m poseidon
supa’ mean, feeling clean with my action

got no clique, for this one but i got sins
in ya place, no face, so i pulled skin
never cl!cked, not a gun, so i’m shooting
no kayfabe, fave with my poison

poise and arrive, dive with your nose in
i feel alive, hide with your boysen
f*ck up the vibe, i get the trojans
i come inside, try hearing my jams

pull up with the ‘brella, babyfaced k!lla
young vaudeville from the streets of manila
i’m a real villain, sanguine not vanilla
point me to your deala’, imma beat ’em with a dilla

kiss goodbye, k!ll the vibe
feelin’ low, but i’m high
real asleep, awake i lie
effortless but you try

fear is an aesthetic anaesthetic
manic but emphatic, bars in acrobatics
almost had it, feeling addict in the attic
in a panic? turn an og to fanatic
good riddance, if the rhythm got no venom
blood stains on my denim, i’m a phantom
i’m a fan of ransom, that became an anthem
slit a phony rapper, measure blood per annum

this is declaration
comin’ for the head of your federation
no paradise risin’ for this asian
wolf in sheep, dressed for the occasion

glen jacobs with the mask on
girl you look better with no revlon
let’s throw a banquet, get the teflon
point me to a grave where we could dance on

- r v r d текст песни