2020 – radxtony текст песни

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they say “tony where you been at?”
i’m just chasin’ a check
i’m with yo b*tch in the back
and she throwin’ that neck
couple hunnids in my pocket
when i walk down the street
couple thotties in my phone
tryna link up with me
ain’t go no time for the hunnies
i got time for the money
try to play me like i’m stupid
but i ain’t no dummy
yeah, i dropped outta college
but i’m sharp as a tack
p*ssy boy got a problem
then i’ll start to attack
try to play me i’m average
i’m tony, not joe
i see the snakes in the grass
so i keep my sh*t mowed
get the cash real fast
and i spend that sh*t slow
used to recycle the cans
but i don’t need to no mo’
cause i stay on my grind
yeah, i been on my sh*t
got no girls on my mind
they tryna be on my d*ck
sh*t, i keep me a 9
and i keep me a ruger
i’m off the top, superfly
like the boy jimmy snuka
yeah i’m dropping the bombs
man, my sh*t so atomic
i’m a f*ckin’ super villain
but this sh*t ain’t a comic
they told i’m losing weight
but the bank is still heavy
always ready to kick
like my last name is messi
cl!ck boom, ya head blew
now this sh*t is all messy
head fly across the room
now ya brain is confetti

- radxtony текст песни