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подождите пожалуйста...

yeah like
i don’t*i don’t know who i wanna be
ya know
i don’t know if i wanna be alive
i don’t know if i wanna be dead
i don’t even know if i wanna fall in love
cause like
i been hurt so f*cking much
that my mind warped in a sense
where it’s like
i don’t know if i can ever be loved
i can love myself
i could try
but would anybody (???) like f*cking love me for me?
cuz i don’t think they will
i really don’t
i had somebody
she was sorta like my drug
i was addicted to her
i couldn’t get enough of her
but when she left i went crazy
i thought about suicide
i felt alone
i don’t think i could ever love somebody the same
i don’t think i could ever be loved
that’s just me being honest
i just don’t know
i really just don’t know

will i ever be loved?
i just… want that security ya know?
i’m tired
tired of thinking about suicide
i just* i don’t know
i’m going crazy
i know that
i f*ck up
but i love you more than i could ever love myself
i don’t know
i don’t know how i should think
to be real with you
i don’t even wanna be alive
i put up a false wall of hope and security when i’m alone
ya know, i don’t know
i just want to be loved
i just don’t think i could
i love you
and that’s all i really wanted you to know
when i’m gone please just know that i love you and i love everybody
but i just never felt the same love being received, ya know
remember me

- raimi текст песни