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Songtext von euphoria – rakim lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

(feat. styles p, jadakiss & busta rhymes)

[intro: rakim]
you know what this is.
the triumphant return… (rakim allah!)

remember being introduced to rappin’ your first rhyme?
it’s pivotal! – like a fiends first high.
hustlers first ride, – players first dime,
unforgettable like the ladies first time.
the world been waitin’ for euphoria
the true form with a sixth sense. – new nausea.
true talk to the tomb, so you forced me to go hard
like the streets is the womb – and new york
be the birth place of hip-hop. – get it? it’s the model!
where swagger was born, we set trends to follow.
the home of the gods, the go-getters and my flow
ain’t a city been so prolific since cairo.
hiero-glyphic. – graffiti paint of view
slang languages, too, just naming a few.
still claiming through that thing that you do
til you famous and just love for the game and this bangers for you!

[chorus: cocoa chanelle]
euphoria… – euphoria, natural high. (high!)
feeling good off this hip-hop i supply. (‘ply!)
time goes by. (by!) – still world wide (wide!)
still top five rapping, dead or alive! (‘live!) – euphoria…

[bridge: rakim (styles p)]
the world been waiting for euphoria… [scratches]
[screwed] euphoria! [scratches] (you wronged the sh-t!)
the world been waiting for euphoria… (salute!) [scratches]

[styles p:]
i love hip-hop to death! (i love it!)
drop science like rakim. – my thoughts manifest. (yeah!)
yeah, i’m the ghost but you can see me in the flesh (see me?!)
created a father that he can see me through the test. (see me!)
it wasn’t for rap, my life will probably be a mess (mess!)
used to sell crack outside. (true!)
had a bad att-tude, used to scr-p outside (true!)
but listen to that motherf-cker rap outside! (yeah!)
you can hear me over the guns that clap outside (you been!)
true warrior raps my euphoria. (i love it!)
only my mind can bring me this many stories up (only my minbd!)
no elevators! – no escalators! (uh-uh!)
spit hard ’til death or respirators (spit hard!)
this is alpha-omega, n-gg-. – get your data! (get your data!)
i transform when the mic’ plugged in
cause the feelings euphoric. – cause i spit boric! (yes!)


[bridge: rakim (jadakiss)]
the world been waiting for euphoria… [scratches] (uh!)
[screwed] euphoria! [scratches] (uh-huh!)
the world been waiting for euphoria… [scratches] (ha-haaaaaaaahhh!)
euphoria… (uh, yo!)

at the end of the day – what does it all amount to? (what?)
verses too strong to be sold over the counter. (drugs!)
industry is like a night club and i’m a bouncer (haha!)
i don’t give a f-ck about what you can sell and ounce for.
nah! – that ain’t the topic of discussion
it’s the music, y’all n-gg-s think it’s knocking it’s disgusting. (uh-huh!)
i just rather pull it out, c-ck it then bust him!
feels like he plugged into a socket when you touch him! (hahhh!)
ain’t a thang for me! (nah!) – pain then glory. (yeah!)
temporary thug exchange the same story.
that’s why i’m still militant. – still killing it!
soon as it enters the blood stream; start feelin’ it. (uhh!)
then it’s all good long as you know what you dealin’ with (uh-huh!)
knowledge of the game that i got i’m concealin’ it. (yup!)
i’m talking to all of y’all (all of y’all!) – put the.four-four to ya
kiss is a warrior. (warrior!) – this is euphoria! what?!


[bridge: rakim (busta rhymes)]
the world been waiting for euphoria… [scratches] (yeah!)
[screwed] euphoria! [scratches] (yeah, yeah, yeah!)
the world been waiting for euphoria… [scratches]
euphoria… (ayo, ayo!)

[busta rhymes:]
it’s like i’m dealin’ with spirits and ’bout to send a ghost to get ’em
when they hear me spit i make them tremble like the dope was in ’em. (ahhhh!)
going into convulsions from the size of the weed bag,
victims is regular junkies, this celebrity rehab.
respected by all of the godfathers and the new names
they got a love for my product insert it in their blue vein. (okay!)
they on my neck when i come around like a new chain
n-gg-s know my rep and the dosage when i bring the new flame. (ufff!)
n-gg-s all feeling the same effect, this sh-t is lethal,
like they was shooting the same sh-t, using the same needle. (whooop!)
when i’m steady busting hollows i’m always ready to start this
you n-gg-s is like? when i’m? the cartridge (ha!)
you can see how the drug impacted the street from the responses, (yeah!)
it saturate the planet was all apart of the process. (yeah!)
the sh-t we get we take it to another place, you can’t ignore it!
to a higher stimulation, n-gg-, sh-t is so euphoric!


[bridge: rakim]
the world been waiting for euphoria… [scratches] [beat fades out]
[screwed] euphoria! [scratches]
the world been waiting for euphoria… [scratches]

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