2415 – raxion stance текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah, live from the 2415
oh, my god, raxion sounds so perfect!
don’t tell me what to do

[verse 1]
i cannot f*ck with you n*ggas (why)
you’re not real, you’ a fraud
sh*t, went from a king to a god
see, i never mix with your sort, b*tch, i’m the sauce, speak with no flaws (flawless)
always drop hits when i drop (dropping)
always k!ll beats when i’m bored, i’m
shattering t**th when i floss, i spit with no flop, you spit and it’s gross (ugh)

[verse 2]
all o’ your sh*t is like gross, n*gga
all o’ your sh*t is on pause, n*gga
all o’ my sh*t is aboard, i’m opening doors
i move with the mob, n*gga (gang)
my life a movie of course
but ain’t no acting, i live in a cog
did it with passion, and did it with force
got me some traction, and got me a wh0re

[verse 3]
i’m h*lla lit i’m like pablo (don)
turn a main chick to a side hoe (side)
d*mn it, that b*tch is a psycho
smoke on that bando, this ain’t no five*o
they don’t know me, know where i go (phew!)
sh*t, my ig is a slideshow
around the pm, i open my dm, the love of your life? slide though
i am like precious cargo
i feel no pressure, i know
i set a trend, they follow
man, i’m hot though
fan out now, hoe
you? 2 out of 10, n*gga
me? 12 out of 10, n*gga
i am the one in a two
i am not done, i ain’t through
like a pun and a coo (what?)
i am too much of a geek, n*gga
shut the f*ck up when i speak, n*gga (shhh)
d*mn it, you know i am king, when i’m done with the thing, i move to the bling, n*gga (bling)
f*ck it, i rap i don’t sing, n*gga (nah)
don’t come at me that sh*t, n*gga (nah)
don’t come at me with that sh*t
i’ma bury your ass underneath this beat, n*gga
[verse 4]
never believe when they met me (nah)
your girl a trip, she at me (sup with that?)
that typa sh*t always fly, on my side, oh, my god, i don’t think they will pass me (nah)
one of these days i might just f*ck around make my old b*tch want some lbs
but i’m taking l’s b, not lbs, but fine, accept it
these n*ggas dope? sceptic
me after hoes? fact is
i don’t chase girls, i just chase dreams (zoom)
promised that nothing will break me (nah)
f*cking with me is a daydream (z*z)
i will not stop not until all my sh*t is a hit on charts in the mainstream, done

but i’m a goat in the west side
i’m a king in nthosko
live from the 2415, hoe, trip

- raxion stance текст песни