the farmer and the sky – re-education camp текст песни

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verse 1
in a tiny corner of the world, in the middle of the country was a
little old farm, ya see?
and all the animals inside, they called it home, and they were
livin’ in harmony, until
one fateful day when a sneaky old fox
stalked and snuck in the barn, he said
“oh what a beautiful banquet here
and i can get ‘em if i turn on the charm.”
now the farmer was mean, the farmer was cruel
so the animals planned an escape
but the fox was like, “nah-uh-uh, that ain’t gonna work
‘cause if they leave then i’ll have less on my plate.”
so he thought long and hard how to keep ‘em around
‘til he concocted the plot of his dreams
he said, “before they can go, i’m-a let them all know, and i’m-a
give them the best show they’ve ever seen.” lemme show ya like…

verse 2
the next day, the fox started talkin’ in the barn, sayin’
“the farmer ain’t really that bad, ya see
outside the farm are the real dangers of the world
this is the best you’ll ever have.”
so the animals believed him, at least for one day
but they woke the next mornin’ astounded
they saw three sheep were missin’, the fox was finger-lickin’
and his belly was more well-rounded
the animals told the sheep “huh. ya better watch it, man
we think you listen to that fox so much
before you know, you’ll be thinkin’ the sky is really red
and your reality will be out of touch.”
now the fox overheard every word the others said
he said, “if that’s all it takes, i’m all set
those sheep were good and all, but they were only a snack, huh
y’all ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” lemme show ya like…

verse 3
that night, the sheep saw the fox pickin’ his teeth
he said, “ya better go on back to your beds, go on
you can stay asleep until i tell ya it’s safe,”
and then he waited ‘til the sky turned red
so when he shouted, “it’s safe!” the sheep followed him out – twice. he took ‘em out at dawn and dusk
he said, “see? the sky’s red, unlike what the others said
so i’m the only one here you should trust”
that night is when the animals had planned their getaway
but the sheep didn’t wanna escape
so while the others were leavin’, the sheep kept believin’ in the
fox who said the farmer was safe
now in the end, i s’pose just about everyone was happy
but especially the man and the fox
they didn’t have all the animals, but that’s all right
they had a nonstop supply of lamb chops

- re education camp текст песни