36 xxxvi – real rezzy текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i’m just, sittin and chillin sippin on my time
spillin the feelin that’s been creepin in my mind
i’m, k!llin and grillin the game from back behind
from, sittin and grippin a mic stayin on the grind

look, i got vision so high that most chase till they die
i got a mission so i could make paper and fly
i could see me in the sky, i could see myself cry
look me eye to eye and tell me what i’m seein is truly a lie

am i truly alive
all these other people talk like are you truly alive?
livin life goin in the same loop just tryna get by
but tell me what’s gone happen when they put a gun to yo spine

i done had too much time in my mind to not be in my senses
m-th-f-ckas got clear paths but still be on the fences
that’s senseless, childish fools with no adolecense
they all claim they got game only showin verbal successes

when i step up to the mic down goes the dynamite
blowin up like bombs put half these rappers in coffins
often wanna be prophets just wanna make profits
give you more verses to follow wanting more in your pockets

i’m off this, stop this
when i drop this, none yall can top this
watch me stack shelves then all yall haters gone cop this
aisle 10 is where all my fans can come over and shop this
blood, sweat, and tears in aisle 1 cynics can mop this

yall just be f-ckin ignorant, i give no reason to hate on me but yall still hatin there ain’t no f-ckin difference
i couldn’t give a f-ck about how they feel
cuz to keep it real, my desire for success they can’t steal

i’m on another level these m-th-f-ckas couldn’t reach
when i step on the mic it’s all realness i preach
spit it like holy water leavin these rappers decease
so crazy never leave they soul to rest in piece

it’s the same crew with me ain’t nothin new
me, myself, and i there ain’t no sp-ce for 2
i run game solo with the same pair of shoes
spend 2 minutes on the track my lyrics seep in like ooze

- real rezzy текст песни