3am in del amo – reason текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

this some real sh-t

[verse 1]
look, 3 a.m. in del amo, headin’ down central
ro smokin’ the blunt, i’m smokin’ these instrumentals
school of hard knocks, my n-ggas got they credentials
hot boxin’, feel like inception, i’m stuck in limbo
faded, scrollin’ through numbers, lookin’ like, “where’s the box?”
treat these b-tches like reminiscin’, we just sharin’ thots
half these b-tches ain’t sh-t, so f-ck it, who after this?
scared to have a daughter ’cause karma harder than calculus
3 a.m. in del amo, cruisin’ with cloudy vision
always speak about pretty, who drove the honda civic
this sh-t i did made it seem like i had it out for you
wish i could rewind and not do the sh-t that i’m ’bout to do
’bout to do, life gettin’ scary ’cause death is gettin’ closer
three funerals in a month, i should be a heavy smoker
dope, i hit your girl with a chick, i heard you barely know her
and i don’t either, so i won’t speak on them daily shoulders
i just know it seemed fishy, had to call it out
don’t know what happened but heard the news and had to fall out
that’s why i f-ck ’em at the crib or at my doghouse
’cause any day, some p-ssy could take your dogs out
rest in peace, where the streets o-ds, lately, i keep ’em close like three o-ts
holy flow, listen while this g-o-d’s sick spittin’, sick writtens need d-o-cs
it’s 3 a.m. in del amo

let that sh-t keep rockin’
it’s about 4 now

[verse 2]
look, look, it’s 4 a.m. in del amo, headin’ down central
ro smokin’ a blunt, i’m smokin’ these instrumentals
school of hard knocks, my n-ggas got they credentials
hot-boxin’, feel like inception, i’m stuck in limbo
uh oh, really don’t give a f-ck so
heard they want that change, this that bunk with a cup flow
real n-ggas spittin’ but beats bumpin’ like stucco
barely do that trap sh-t, n-ggas spittin’ that wack sh-t
rappers soundin’ like future but i don’t care to name
everyone mockin’, this sh-t lookin’ like para-games
got n-ggas nervous like you at schoolin’ your parents came
spittin’ fire n-gga, this that “n-ggas in paris” flame
all these n-ggas talk about, who hotter and sh-t
i put the music first, f-ck the gossip and sh-t
and i don’t need a grammy, i lost mine as a kid
wish i could rewind it, and live it, rewind it again
but all these n-ggas speak about is money, b-tches, bacardi
i’m speakin’ the truth, the proof is seen hardly
and i’m tryna build these rap tours, no kyle lowry
don’t need no menages, sorry, look at what it did to safari
4 a.m. in d.a

[refrain 2]
this n-gga really knock out and sh-t
we still movin’ though

[verse 3]
look, it’s 5 a.m. in del amo, headin’ down central
pulled up on l.t., i’m still smokin’ these instrumentals
memory’s inception, my mind’s floatin’ in limbo
reminiscin’ back to when everything was so simple, ugh
that’s way back when meech and kane was let out
so when the big homies was throwin’ money and sped out
couple homies bled out, so when i’m talkin’ that sh-t
it’s for my n-gga fonz, locked up, he ain’t been out in years
f-ck the hype, boy, i do it for the soul of it
tell rock that we do it for the soul of it
tell soul that we do it for the soul of it
wait, i never do it ’cause the hoes love it
take the streets to my dreams, i hit the roads, f-ck it
g-ssin’ that b-tch to the flashiest whips is in my n-gga grips
until the tip of my d-ck is on these b-tches lips
i guess i do it for the hoes still
but for the soul, will give a n-gga that cold feel
del amo n-gga, someone tell soul, i’m still k!llin’ these n-ggas
naw, i ain’t brought no bas but i’m still realer than n-ggas
cuttin’ the haters out the frame, if they ain’t gettin’ the picture
and crop my n-ggas in, photoshop the subplot to bring my n-ggas ends
was in vegas a while ago, still countin’ what i spent
poppin’ bottles for my n-gga’s twenty-fifth
hopefully, at twenty-six, we do it bigger and better
keep it movin’ and petallin’ until the money in
being fake in this game could bring it to an end
funny how keepin’ it straight could put you in a benz
enough of that, this that grit, grime, hustle rap
this that “my momma stressin'”, i done had enough of that
account low, i’ve been tryna get the money stacks
just so i could get it back, filled like a runnin’ back
ya, it’s all easy in the end, huh
well, you look back and see how far you’ve came
i hold this sh-t up like diapers with no depends, right
’cause when you real, circ-mstances can’t cause you to change
take advantage of shots given like w-lly b
losin’ friends on the way, not as bad as what it seems
’cause real relationships always figure a way to surface
just let it go and never return, it’s for a purpose
hopin’ you witness your dreams and still love
i still hustle and grind ’till the filler reveals us
as the best n-ggas do in this sh-t, i’m k!llin’ sh-t in my sleep
i’m freddy kreuger when spittin’, the rudest, i’m gifted
i’m twelve twenty-fifths in this, gift wrapped and present spittin’
right on their toes, but f-ck it, i’m still ahead of n-ggas
k!llin’ them bags, this straight gas, the stove runnin’
every day, i’m doin’ it for the soul
5 am in d.a

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