2 shots – red velvet papi текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

white sk8 hi’s
dragging on the pavement
shoe gazing
reminiscing bout days spent
as a kid
mad complacent, yea
that was until life came and smacked me up
oh how i dearly miss
essence of youth
it’s friday
n*ggas asking what we getting into?
nothing, i’m playing the crib
spending the night with my vices fam
it is what it is
cause i can’t be outside more than a second or two
depression makes my mood swinging like pendulums do
2 shots in
and i’m already fixing to dip
2 shots in
and i just wanna kick the bucket
i told myself that i was done with all this sad rapping
but a couple months later
here i go back at it
with the samе old same old
i’m always sayin that i’ll change
but i nevеr really change though
cause it’s hard to bring about change
when all these days seem the same
despite that, i refuse remain stagnant
lost a couple love interest
but i never lose my passion
even though my heart cold
i feel a fire inside
it drives me to be the greatest
think it keeps my alive for real
this sh*t is really therapeutic
like honestly without the music
i probably woulda quit this little game we call life by now
but i’m still here
yea i’m still here
but if i don’t make it by december
might not last another year
so it’s all or nothing
and i’m giving everything i got
blood sweat and tears coming out the pen when i jot
hope some a&r’s hear
so i could sign to the roc
and if not
well i pray the lord forgive my sins
and takes my soul when i rot

- red velvet papi текст песни