365 days – renzo chop текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

hook (x2)

365 days
waking up early like i gotta make a play
told me myself and i
that i’m gonna make a way
to keep my people straight
and forever get paid

that’s only way
i can’t turn away
let my tears just burn away
my eyes closed but i’m still awake
just thinking of that better day
new dis
new dat
see me like there’s no way
he got dat*sh*t
n*gga i bought dat
i spent a couple racks for dat rolex
how many make more a day, i make a month
play the the lotto and forever paid
designer kicks over new jays
don’t wanna a piece, i want the whole thing
old chevy dripping candy cane
at the red light make it fire flame

(hook) once

365 days (8x

no job so why i feel to paid
i’m my own boss
i ain’t got nothin to say
no sweat
no need to wipe my face
no uber home
i pulled up in that waith
took yah girl i just met her today

(i got k cuz i just made a play)


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