25i evil serpent swag – reptilian club boyz текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: hi*c]
it’s party time!
whew, whew
yuh, yuh, yuh
rcb man, you already know, reptilian club boyz sh*t
(yuh, yuh, yuh)

[verse 1: hi*c]
[?], i gotta get even
i pop that bean, then turn to a demon
i’m on the shrooms, been tripping all evenin’
i need them bands, lately i been feindin’
she think she the one, she gotta be dreamin’
i broke her heart, i left it in pieces
he said he want smoke, i came with the [?]
and i’m out with his b*tch, so i had to beat it
blood on my nikes, this b*tch started screaming
told her i loved her, but i was cheating
they wanna be me, but it’s not easy
polo my neck, and wrist blingin’
pull off in foreign, tires screechin’
back in the cup, but i’m still chiefin’
once the drugs are gone, [?] done just like wheezy
wash the shrooms down with the lean, i feel queasy
hi*c i’m that n*gga, b*tch i make this sh*t look easy
she want me to spray inside her walls like graffiti
got her in a trance, she’ll do anything to please me
these hoes know what i’m on
got the juice [?]
try to flex with the gleam and go
late night with the beans and po’s
[?] c notes like a piano
robin’s with the wings just like an eagle
25i, got me feeling evil
just took a tab, i might take more
take two, take three, take four
eyes glowing red like i’m diablo
lil’ n*gga said he want smoke
we can go to war like g.i. joe
smoking on dope n*gga cheech & chong
pull up to the scene and my eyes so low
goofy ass ho can’t keep composed
groupie ass ho wanna give me throat (give me throat)

[bridge: hi*c]
i got sheets of lsd by the chapter
third eye helped a n*gga get that money faster
had a bad trip and that sh*t was a disaster
watchin’ spirits float around my room, just like casper

[verse 2: diamondsonmyd*ck]
[?] ass n*gga but keep a big chop
yo’ b*tch suck my d*ck while i thumb through the guap
all these n*ggas totin’ fu, just talk a lot
you a house n*gga, never on the block
in the underworld sippin’ on straight drop
cast a love spell now she gettin’ backshots
pills in the trap, always open, come shop
if i’m down bad, then i run in yo’ spot
you a [?] boy, i cannot stop
pouring demon blood in my pop
f*ck these b*tches, i just need that knot
talkin’ down, you gon’ see me or not?
don’t need a glizz, slit his ass like rock
i beat up her p*ssy, he punch in the club
blood rain gang, [?] why not?
he don’t deserve it, he just a opp
i keep gas like texaco
f*ck on yo’ b*tch then i let her go
n*gga talk sh*t and won’t leave the house
[?] n*gga ’cause my pockets swole
sippin’ dirty mud, now i’m movin’ slow
if you need the work n*gga let me know
i’ll be at yo’ front door like domino’s
who is these n*ggas, i do not know

- reptilian club boyz текст песни