0905 – rich marius текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

september the fifth
i was born in a hospital in subiaco australia
and i moved to china when i was seven
met the first girl that i love when im eleven
study in school,all the effort i given
turns out that i failed to complete my mission
time files and im gonna turn eighteen
just found out recently i got a musical gene
people encourage me to pursue my musical dreams
but i said f*ck it man can’t you see where i’m stuck in between
been through a lot lately and to be honest it’s sucks to be me
sometimes i wonder why the world is too mean?
have a break for myself, so that my soul become clean
walking in the forest and the grasses are green
maybe my life can end in a second or blink
remember the times when i’m asking the links
everybody’s keep asking the same questions everyday
it didn’t bothered me but to be honest it’s a bit annoying to say
which university did you applied?
and they said
who do you wanna become
i wanna to say first

thanks to my mom and my dad
to give my a life
they give a me chance
to make friends with the best friends that now that i got
they help me to get through the dark times that i fought
thanks to my grandpa
you’re the one who inspired me to be a real man
look at me now, hope you can rest upon clouds do not worry i take care myself
thank you my grandma
you’re the goat (greatest of all time)
i was drowning in water you made me a boat
you teach me the way and show me the road
reach out your hands when i got nothing to hold
this is what i meant
life has just began
don’t know where she went
rich marius represent
nine o five
this is life
no matter how hard we will always survive
grab your headphones come and feel the vibe
close your eyes look up the sky
if i got problems i will always try
it might be easy like a piece of pie
it’s about time that i wear the suit n tie
enjoy the moment this is how life defines

- rich marius текст песни