23;anxiety – rivilin текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

blessed with stress, am i’m doing fine
won’t you say that your here for me
won’t you say you’ll always be mine

thinking you will leave me this time
it’s not that i just don’t trust you
it’s more that i have my own issues to

obsessed with not coping
cus i feel like i’m just hoping
that you will message me again
say that we’re all fine in the end

but you won’t, cus i’m drowning on every word that i’ve tried to say
pushing them back and forth, everything is making my brain go insane
shaking on the daily, breaking down everything’s just changing
don’t feel much lately anymore because you have my f*cking soul

and i’m sick of this, constant back and forth between this
emotion that ins my chest, it’s hardening, i feel like i’m just crumbling
but i don’t feel like i have a choice
cus i’m just fading in the background everything around me is making to much noise

i just need to find some sp*ce
i just need to change the pace
of everything
cus its moves to fast
at this point, i don’t ill ever grow up
i think i’ve passed the point of no return
waking up everything hurts

so ill just stay alone again in my room
cus i don’t feel like i need to leave, i don’t think i should talk to you

- rivilin текст песни