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Songtext von prophet (better watch it) – rizzle kicks lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
“i’m lurking in your pocket, better watch it!
rizzle kicks, ha!”
what! i’m last on the heaven list,
cos i couldn’t give a ras what angelic is.
even my laughter is venomous
dennis is, not even half what this menace is.
we don’t choose to make trouble holding up stores with lucazade bottles
i’m the one forcing you to break bad
whilst little goodie two shoes glue plane models.
(mmmm, an air of sophistication)
when i enter various situations.
your best mate’s gone downstairs while your stuck there with his sister waiting.
i’m chilling in estates,
sniffing at a rave
sitting in a cave
with a grin up on my face
i ain’t civil but i’m brave
never listening to faith
quick smile, then a middle finger to your face

stuck in your pocket in your feathers while you sleep
i am a prophet and a profit’s what you’ll keep
you and i belong together
i’ll live within your soul forever

[verse 2]
“ahaha, what, listen up yo, ah!”
i’m in the spare bedroom at parties
full of sweet whispers not very smarties.
hope that n-body comes in
knock another drink, one thinks with no mention of car keys
i’m a hoodlum stood in the woodlands
gonna set fire to the trees
who wouldn’t?
du dum dum dum
end of the episode
punk style death threat letter in the envelope.
somebody’s door for a quick whizz
real weekender bloke somebody kiss this
i’m your mistress’ mistress
that your wife didn’t put on her christmas wish list.
let me rifle a quick flow
more punchlines than a highschool disco
ain’t n-body gonna tell me what i wanna do
i’m rude
get your thongs out i’m called sisqo


[verse 3]
the one who wakes up and can feel no pain
cos you strive on another mans strain
me and you will never be the same
cos clearly for you this ain’t just a phase
the type to steal something although that it is free
the type to make a promise just to break it clean
who are you trying to be?
who are you trying to please?
make your mind up and choose your way
maybe then we can seal the day

[chorus x2]

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