“33” – roadrunner tb текст песни

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33 a zip if you want ……. if you want it raw

(aye) 33 a zip if you want it raw put a two on a one they still noding off, how you turn in hard and it was just some soft

over hit the dope watch me get in off, caught up in the plays i had to catch

started with gram turned it to two i had to stretch it, cut the dope with (?) grab the fetti than i bless it (hmmm)

heard you beat her -ss cause we were texting (stupid), roadrunner b-tch i got my check up

looked out of a n-gga showing love than i got set up, should of put some money on your head and got you wet up

but you gone see this glow b-tch im next up, rule number 1 with that blender put mask on

f-ck around and die off contact if you laugh wrong, work a n-gga phone then got caught up like a bad song

now you fly everyday but yo cash gone, b-tch i make this rap sh-t look easy

if i said i make five bands off a zip would you believe me, talking like you trap you went to jail for a dv

i were serving at mike & allen you were probably wacthing tv (you a house n-gga), b-tch you number two likes it february

you daddy snitch and you inside b-tch its a rat a terry, i got a draco with my l’s , so b-tch i’m never worried if my back against the wall i shoot like steph curry

[roadrunner savy]

that money on you head i’ll send it on my neck, 223’s man i put them in you chest

i can ice you out throw you couple zips of meth, the work would last if i hit it with that strecth

mailman im at you f-cking doorstep, up a 4 it hit like a horse kick

we already won might as well forfeit, can’t copy the drip cause you can’t afford it

its not no cap in my rap, b-tch i got it out the mud n0body fronted me no pack

she know im a dog but let my play with that cat, ran up the bag now i play with that sack

old money new glow fell in love with the blender left my old hoe, rapping like you tripping but didn’t never sell dope made fifteen bands off of serving white folks

- roadrunner tb текст песни