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rockstarbeebo (yeah)
i’ve got tickets to rockstarbeebo and tretre

[verse: tretre & rockstarbeebo]
if you n-gga’s talkin’ crazy im’ma pullup on yo block
i pull up in the tacoma, and shoot out a hunnid’ shots (yeah)
heard a lame was talkin’ sh-t he actin’ like a poser till i pop out
with a glizzy, put that f-ckboy on a poster

[song: tretre & rockstarbeebo]
yeah, i put him on a poster, then i’ll make his head spin
i f-cked that n-gga’s b-tch once, i might do it again. (aye)
smokin’ on that cookie got me higher than a jet i could give
a f-ck about a b-tch i just want that neck (yeah)

n-gga’s all-cap i was never to in’na then i got a hunnid dm’s from
b-tches on the internet broke that b-tches heart and that sh-t was so tragic, drivin’ through seattle gettin’ head while i’m in traffic

i’ve got model b-tches tryna hit my dm’s, but i ain’t got time to hit again and again. white b-tch with a fat -ss just like alexis texas, watch me skirt off with that b-tch then i f-ck her in my lexus. (yeah)

ak-47, ar-15’s and glocks, pull up to your b-tch and i know she finna give me top (yeah)
scared -ss n-gga lookin’ just like a thot, make him run so fast you would think i was a cop. (aye)

[outro: rockstarbeebo]
pull up to your spot we gon’ run it down, choppa’ with a hollow and extensions we gon’ gun you down, choppa’ got the smoke like who the f-ck want it now walk outside your spot hit a l!ck with a hunnid now

- rockstarbeebo текст песни