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подождите пожалуйста...

make it come alive every time i feel the vibe
i’m just representing for the home and the tribe
record it as i’m going, when i see it then i scribe
to document the legacy i’m leaving for the eyes and
also for the ears and shout out to my peers
the ones who been inspiring encourage me for years
the ones who help me fight the pain
the ones who seen the tears
the ones who helped me live the life that led up right to here
i still been switching gears
like that 02 nissan
that i used to ride round with the banging beats on
keep the beat going, i been on a roll and
by the time i’m finished be the greatest story that was ever told
on the low i’ve been rising, keep my eyes in
steady focused on horizons, it’s not surprising
how i made it from the place that i was at
and i’ve been moving forward know that i ain’t going back
they just want me to react
to everything they dishing out
playing on emotion but i’d rather take a different route
rather see the clear picture, rather get an image out
now that i’m thinking bout it
that’s something that i’ve been about
watch me as i paint on this canvas
metaphor poetic
i’m laying out the stanzas
creatively taking risks and taking chances
defining the meaning of being, giving semantics
i’m not here for the antics
a liver and a lover
giver and a brother
of the order not the other
the son of my mother
who taught me to never give up, never give in
express yourself son don’t keep it within

- rrthegiant текст песни